systime is a program that measures how much CPU time running a program uses. It's like the classic Unix 'time' facility, except that it measures all the CPU time the system uses while the subject program is running, not just the CPU time the process that runs the program uses.

This is useful when other processes in the system use CPU time in service of the subject program. For example when you run a program that displays something in an X window, the program causes the X server to use a significant amount of CPU time. systime would reflect the X server's usage; time would not.

This is not usable on a system that is doing multiple things at once, because there's way to tell which CPU time is in service of the subject program.

For more information, see the manual.

You can download the code from here.

The current release is 1.01, released in March 2011.

systime is distributed and maintained by Bryan Henderson (